Biological and Chemical Warfare,
Growing Threats in a Changing World

Protect Your Family Now

Terrorists, biological and chemical warfare, bombs, gas masks, Al quaeda and Osama bin Laden, are all topics that we hear and talk about on a daily basis at present.

The war against Iraq (whether justified or not), has increased the threat of terrorist attacks against western countries. Retaliatory Iraqi led or co-ordinated attacks using biochemical and radioactive devices could occur anywhere in the western world at any time.

Experts believe that several other terrorist groups including, Osama bin Laden and his Al Quaeda group, have also been planning attacks against the U.S., U.K. and the rest of Europe and may have joined with Iraq in carrying these out.

This article is not intended to worry and alarm you, but to assist you in recognising, preventing and properly reacting to various threat situations should you ever encounter them.  Warning people without alarming them always poses a difficult dilemma, as does taking preventative measures without them interfering and destroying our normal daily lives and activities. After all, if we shut down our lives because of all the potential risks that we could face then we have in effect conceded defeat and the terrorists have won.


Then if the worst does happen you will be able to deal with the situation more effectively, because you are informed and mentally prepared and feel that you've done all that you can.

When you see and hear about the atrocities carried out by terrorists at; The Twin Towers, the night-club in Indonesia, the hostage taking in Russia and the suicide bombings in Israel, to name just a few, you feel sorrow, anger and disgust. You become determined to do what you can to protect your family and prevent these outrages from occurring again in the future.

Most of the victims of these incidents are totally
innocent citizens going about their daily business.
 Many of the terrorist groups now even target specific areas
where they can inflict mass civilian casualties.

The growing number of these incidents provides a stark warning to us all that these are not one off events.  All of us who live in the free world must therefore unite and use every means at our disposal to prevent, detect and arrest or destroy these evil terrorists wherever they are.

Terrorists do not strike every day or every week or even at the same targets twice, but infrequently at times and places of their own choosing. We therefore all, over time tend to become a little complacent and tired of the increased security measures and again drop our guard.  Terrorists deliberately play on these facts and act accordingly.

Vigilance must therefore be maintained at all times
in the future, not just immediately after an incident.

The threats of terrorism have been with UK residents for many years (mainly IRA related), but are relatively new to countries like the USA.  In fact many Americans even donated money to the IRA over many years, assuming or believing that their cause was just. Since the Twin Towers atrocity of September 11 however, many Americans have now experienced what we have suffered for many years and have learned the hard way of the evil perpetrated by all terrorists whichever country they come from around the world. If this can happen in America, then attacks can happen anywhere around the world at any time and often without prior warning.

If illegal immigrants can be smuggled into our countries undetected, so can terrorists who may attack us and our countries infrastructure in a number of ways and at any time.  Many of these terrorists are probably already in our countries, they may even appear to be just like us (and in some cases may even be our neighbours or our fellow countrymen who have been corrupted by others) and are therefore virtually impossible to identify. Unless we all remain very wary and watchful of what goes on around us at all times and report any strange happenings to the authorities, they may well go undiscovered.  If the terrorists have no previous records and are not seen to be involved with particular groups that are already under surveillance it is far harder for the police and the anti terrorist groups to track them down and prevent their actions.

Terrorism is a Very Serious Growing Threat

There are hundreds of violent, sick minded, ignorant and deranged extremist organisations around the world who will attack innocent men, women and children wherever they are.  They are prepared to lose their own lives in the process. Death, in their distorted minds makes them martyrs and heroes.

We must use any terrorist acts, not to paralyse us, but to spur additional commitment to our family's and our neighbours, to prepare against and report any crimes. The heart of prevention is watch out, help out, self protection and reporting. Citizen awareness and preparedness, wherever we are will benefit us all. If we all make this preparedness part of our daily lives we will also help improve neighbourhoods and communities in the process 


Today's terrorists have an incredible arsenal at their fingertips and are also able to use technological advances and society's normal infrastructure to their benefit:

  • Nuclear materials are now much easier to obtain and refine.  A suitcase sized nuclear device could destroy an entire city.
  • Chemical and biological weapons are now much easier for small groups to manufacture.
  • It is estimated that a major biological arsenal could be built with approx. 6,000 worth of equipment in a room of around 15 feet by 15 feet.  A small vial of organisms can yield a huge number in less than a week.  Do you know who your neighbours are and what they are doing?

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Articles covered in this chapter include:

* A brief history of terrorism

* A growing threat

* Myths

* Types of threat

* Facing the reality

* Taking precautions away from home

* Taking precautions letters and packages

* Warning signs

* Reacting to an attack

* Creating a disaster plan

* Emergency kits

* Safe haven room

* Most likely biological threats

* Symptoms

* Treatment

* Gas masks

* Nuclear terrorism

* Radiation exposure

* Cyberterrorism

Many experts and senior politicians in the U.K. and U.S.A.
are not saying 'if' any longer, but 'when' an attack will occur.

Terrorism does not mean you have to change your life,
 or should change your life, JUST BE PREPARED

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